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Welcome to Spirit of Dance Awards & The SDA Class Experience… we thank you for your interest!

Spirit of Dance Awards is dedicated to providing a fun, fair, and exciting venue for aspiring dancers of all levels to showcase their talents.  We encourage the use of age appropriate music, costumes, and choreography, while also promoting an atmosphere of sportsmanship. We are committed to creating positive atmosphere and a memorable experience for all. Through a positive competition experience, we hope to encourage young dancers to ignite their passions and to achieve their dreams.

If your studio has never competed, we welcome you to the world of dance competitions! If you have been competing for some time, we know you will find SDA to be a professional, well-run organization, with a warm and friendly staff, and highly qualified, professional judges.

At SDA we remain committed to strive for excellence, and to maintaining a personal touch; building strong and lasting relationships with our participating studios.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions or concerns you may have; we welcome your comments. We look forward to an exciting season and to seeing you at the next Spirit of Dance Awards!