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Professional photographers from 4Star Productions will be capturing photos of the dancers as they perform on stage! Viewing stations will be set up at SDA events to select & purchase photos and to then have them printed on-site! All photos taken by 4Star will be available on-site only. *In a case when viewing stations are not available at an event, photos may be purchased online. If you did not purchase at an event and would like to inquire about ordering, please email or go to

At events where 4Star is not present to receive your prints on-site, professional photographers from DRC Productions / DanceSnaps, will be capturing photos of the dancers. There will be a viewing station to order photos at the event, as well as online after the event;

To order DVDs from Regionals & past events, please contact DRC Video Productions at

At Spirit of Dance Awards the adjudicators’ comments are collected by Video Judge. All studios and independent entries will receive login information, emailed to you
approximately 1 week before the competition, enabling you to view all of your recorded video critiques online.