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To be eligible for “Title”, dancers must enter the TITLE Category of their respective age division. This is considered a separate category and is for solo dancers only. Dancers may not enter more than one routine in the TITLE category, however, may compete additional solo routines in the SOLO category.
Please note: The Title Category is a Competitive Level, and only those dancers competing at the Competitive Level are eligible to participate.

One Regional Title winner will be awarded for each age category, providing they have a minimum score of 284. Title Winner will receive trophy and cash award, along with a TITLE Jacket. Dancers placing 2nd and 3rd place will receive trophies. Places 4th-10th will receive medals.

All dancers participating in a regional title category are eligible to compete the same routine at Nationals. Please note: to compete in the Title Category at Nationals, dancers must have competed in a Regional Title Category.

Dancers competing in the Title Award Category are not eligible for “Overall Awards” in the TITLE SOLO category of their respective age division. (They may however compete solo dances, other than their Title Entry, in the SOLO category.)

Nationals Title Category / Dancer of the Year

Dancers must participate in the Title Category at a Regional to be eligible to enter the Title Category at Nationals. Dancers must compete the same routine as was competed at their Regional.

Dancers will be asked to submit a headshot, and will record an intro video, which will play prior to their dance. There will also be a mandatory “title class” to attend. All Title entries will be asked to participate in the GALA, as well as the Grand Showcase on the last day of Nationals.