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All entries will be judged by three qualified professionals from the dance industry, and a fourth specialty judge. Awards given by the specialty judge will not have any bearing on final placements.

At Spirit of Dance Awards the adjudicators’ comments are collected by Video Judge and will be available for viewing (with critiques) online with your DanceBug account.

Scoring is based on a possible score of 300 points as a perfect score.

Awards will be presented based on the following combined scores:
Ultimate Award                                  284-300
High Gold                                           266-283.99
Gold                                                    248-265.99
High Silver                                          230-247.99
Silver                                                   212-229.99
Bronze                                                 195-211.99

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:
Technique                                            40%
Performance/Entertainment                30%
Choreography                                      20%
Overall Appearance                             10%


  • Overall Awards will be presented in each age division / entry division in all levels; Spirit Class, Novice, Intermediate, Competitive. In addition, Overall Awards are also given for Junior ages 12 & Under (mini, primary, and junior), and for Senior ages 13+ (teen, senior, and young adult) at the competitive level.
  • Cash awards for Competitive Division, and Scholarship awards for Spirit Class, Novice, and Intermediate Divisions will be awarded to first place in each category, provided there are 10 or more entries in the category. All cash & scholarship awards will be mailed out to the studio.
  • Written score sheets as well as video recorded critiques will be used by the judges.
  • Critiques are for feedback only and will not be considered when calculating the scores.
  • Online HD critiques will be available for viewing through DanceBug.
  • All score sheets and written critiques will be given to studio directors/teachers at the judges table, for each performing group, following the award ceremonies.

The decisions of the judges are final and cannot be contested. Judges are not permitted to discuss scores with directors/teachers.