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The age division for a dancer(s) is determined by the first day of the corresponding year; age(s) as of January 1st. The age and category will remain the same for the championships in July. Age divisions for groups, duos and trios are determined by averaging the ages of the total group. Averages ending in a decimal will round down to the nearest age division. If necessary, performers may be required to show proof of birth date. The director reserves the right to change an age category, regardless of average age. If determined that a group has been improperly placed, it may result in a point reduction penalty, at the discretion of the director. Professional dancers/instructors are not eligible to compete in student categories.

Student teachers and/or those who are or have been paid less than 1/3 of their income as a student teacher or performer may compete with student dancers in a duo, trio, or group. The average age of the entry however, must then be bumped up to the next age category.

For further information regarding Pro-Am status, please refer to the Performance Categories page.

For questions regarding age placement, please call. All decisions by the director are final.



mini                  6 & under
primary             7-9
junior               10-12
teen                  13-15
senior               16-18
young adult      19-22
adult                  23+