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All entries must be received in our office no less than 30 days prior to the first day of a scheduled event; 45 days to receive studio rebate. Entries received after the deadline will be accepted at the director’s discretion. No exceptions.

SDA reserves the right to add additional competition days/times if deemed necessary. SDA also reserves the right to move the competition location if it becomes necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. We will try to accommodate all reasonable schedule requests. Please keep in mind that if an entry performs out of their category, they may not qualify for the Overall Awards.

Entries submitted without proper entry fees will not be considered valid entries. Only one studio check or bank check will be accepted for payment, as well as studio credit card payments. (Payments made after the deadline date must be paid with a bank check or credit card.) Once payments have been processed, refunds will not be issued. Credits will be issued at the discretion of the director. Entries will not be scheduled until payment is received. No exceptions.

We will confirm receipt of entries with all studios by email. If you do not receive a confirmation, it is strongly advised that you contact us. All schedule and competition information will be sent by email.

A separate entry form must be completed and submitted with each entry/dance. A Student Master List, complete with dancers’ birth dates and studio owner/director, or authorized teacher signature is required for each participating studio. Alternatively, the Online Entry System may be accessed and submitted. Dancers are not limited in the numbers of entries, however soloists cannot compete against themselves in any one category. We will gladly try to accommodate all schedule requests, however, if an entry dances “out of category”, they may not be eligible for the overall awards.

SDA reserves the right to cancel an event, add additional days/times, or change locations if deemed necessary.

All entries must be suitable for family viewing. Routines that display violence, social prejudice, or are sexually suggestive may be deemed inappropriate and will result in point reduction or disqualification, at the discretion or the director.