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Music / Time Limits

  • Music for Solo, Duo & Trio entries have a maximum performance time of 3 minutes.
  • Small, Large, and Ultra Group entries = maximum performance time of 3½ minutes.
  • Production entries = minimum time of 4 minutes, maximum time limit of 8 minutes.
  • Extended time up to a maximum of 10 minutes (with a minimum of 4 dancers).
  • Penalties may be assessed if time limits are exceeded.

Music Requirements

Music should be uploaded, and is preferable, when submitting your entries online in the DanceBug system.
If for any reason this is not possible, flashdrives or CD’s will be accepted however, are not preferred.

  • If using CD’s, studios must furnish one quality CD per song/per entry. Quality back-up CD’s must be readily available in the event of a malfunction.
  • All CD’s must be delivered in individual protective cases/sleeves at the time of registration by the studio representative and should be clearly marked with the studio name or code.
  • CD’s must be clearly labeled with the entry title, studio letter code, and assigned entry number.
  • CD’s with multiple tracks will not be accepted. No other music should precede or follow the entry song.
  • Flashdrives must be clearly marked with the entry title, studio code, and entry number. Please mark clearly with the studio name or code. Backup music must also be available if needed.
  • All music must be recorded universally, compatible with playback for all sound equipment.
  • Music must be edited to properly to accommodate each routine; correct pitch/speed, fade in/out, etc.
  • All music must be suitable for family audiences containing clean and appropriate lyric content.

Please do not submit your only copy of music. SDA assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged music. SDA sound technicians are not responsible for mislabeled music or for the sound quality of poorly/incorrectly recorded music.