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All dancers participating in a regional title category are eligible to compete the same routine at Nationals. Please note: to compete in the Title Category at Nationals, dancers must have competed in a Regional Title Category. Dancers must also be competing at the Competitive Level to enter into the Title Category.

* Only one Title entry per dancer is permitted.

Dancers competing in the Title Category are not eligible for “Overall Awards” in their respective solo age division for that entry. (However, they may compete another solo dance in the SOLO category for which they are eligible.) Title solos do qualify for Overall solo/duo/trio of the competition weekend.

Nationals Title Participants

Dancers will be asked to submit a headshot, and a brief intro video recording will be made (during Nationals) to play prior to their dance.

All participants will receive a tote bag, t-shirt and are invited to the Dance Team Luncheon. (at no additional cost)

There will be a mandatory “AUDITION CLASS” on the first day of Nationals for which entrants will be scored. Each of their scores will then be added to their adjudicated Title Entry score to receive a final total.

All Title Award entrants will be asked to participate in the GALA, as well as the GRAND SHOWCASE on the last day of Nationals. Title winners will also perform their solos at the GRAND SHOWCASE.

Dancers must be available for choreography on the first day of Nationals and for all scheduled rehearsals to participate in the “Title Dance” during the Grand Showcase.

There will be a special Title Awards Night at Nationals.  Dancers may dress in semi-formal attire for this awards ceremony. Title Winners will be asked to assist during the awards ceremonies during the remainder of the Nationals Competition wearing their Title Jackets.